Sessler goes off on immature Live players

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This is pretty true and I completely agree with Mr. Sessler on this. I hate going on Xbox Live in open matches because I'm tired of little kids spouting out racist and homophobic names. I don't want my child to be subjective to this and to act more mature than the people I run into on Xbox Live. When I play I respect others that I don't know. I don't go spouting out offensive names against opponents just cause they don't play as well as I do. One funny and sad incident was when the our staff decided to play some Grand Theft Auto IV online. We hopped on and wanted to do a private match between the staff members. In the process of doing that, we accidentally created an open match and joined another group of players. Within 30 seconds of just joining the other group one of us got called an offensive name. We were floored that it was so quick to happen.

The weird thing is it's completely different on the PC scene in my experience. I join a lot, and I mean a lot of servers online with various games and currently I hop on a lot of Team Fortress 2 open servers. On almost every server I join you see the rules right at the beginning and one I almost always see is no offensive or racist language. Even during play when someone shouts out something offensive or even a minor cuss word, you'll usually here someone tell the person to please watch their language. I don't know what makes the PC different than Xbox Live because I play with people in all age groups and they seem to act a lot more mature than the ones on Xbox Live. So, I'm more apt to just join public servers on the PC but when it comes to Xbox Live, I always create a private game and invite friends only.

It's sad that it has to be this way and it's sad there are so many immature kids out there trying to act tough by spouting out offensive comments against people they don't know. It's a freaking game folks and we're all here to have fun. It doesn't make it fun when every other word is not repeatable to my kid. And for those that think I'm just old and grumpy about this sort of thing, I've been gaming since I was 5 with the Atari 2600. I didn't enjoy it back when online gaming was taking off with the likes of Doom and Quake. I have plenty of friends that feel the same way as well. Kids and immature adults, stop being jerks and enjoy playing with others.

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