Server-wide effort unlocks new PvP area in Jade Dynasty

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After a rigorous test involving server-wide accomplishments of daily quests, Shura became the first server to unlock the latest PvP area in Jade Dynasty. Considering the disparity amongst players I’ve seen in various servers in MMOs, I think that colors me fairly impressed that they managed to work together so efficiently.

As an additional reward beyond their 15 minutes of fame, all servers will now have double experience points every Thursday remaining in February. Which means, of course, that they can also expect heavy amounts of lag.

The area that has been unlocked, Ancient Lands, was once a sort of holy land built for the Athan gods. With all the PvP going on, though, the area has turned to yet another fight of humans versus immortals.

Congratulations to Shura for Being the First Server to Gain Access to the Ancient Lands

February 22, 2010 – Redwood City, Calif. - Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today congratulated Jade Dynasty players on the server, Shura, for being the first to unlock the new PvP-oriented area, Ancient Lands. Gaining access to the Ancient Lands required a server-wide effort requiring players to complete a number of daily quests to unlock it. This is a huge accomplishment and to commemorate this milestone, Jade Dynasty players across all servers will now enjoy free double EXP for 24 hours every Thursday for the rest of February.

“We wanted to give recognition to the Jade Dynasty players on the server, Shura, for this milestone accomplishment,” said Andrew Brown, Product Manager for Jade Dynasty. “It’s not every day that a new area is unlocked as a result of a player-wide push and the next chapter in the battle between the immortals and humans.”

As the battle rages on, the protective barrier around the Ancient Lands has begun to deteriorate as a result of the disruption in the universe’s balance. Originally built as a shrine to the Athan gods by the humans, it is rumored to be the origin of immortality. Once a tribute and symbol of the truce between the immortals and humans, the Ancient Lands now becomes next battle ground in the fight for immortality.

Which side will you choose? Will you seize immortality for yourself as a human? Or will you aid the immortals to restore the vital balance that has begun to tear the Ancient Lands apart?

To choose your side or for more information on Jade Dynasty, you can visit the official website at
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