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An update on Croteam's website talks about a few projects they are working on and that Serious Sam 3 is in the works. I really enjoyed the first two games as they were mindless fun and just threw a ton of enemies at you. No publisher has been linked yet to the game but once that happens I expect a deluge of SS3 items to come out. I would love to see what they have now and what new features the engine can do.
Here is the brief update on the events from both the business and development side:

Since the Serious Sam 2 was released in end of 2005, we have been working hard on a number of things, one of which is new next-gen 'Serious Engine 3' technology. More on this will come in future updates.

We have also recently started the development on two games, one of which is the next Serious Sam FPS game. Here, we are pretty close in signing the publishing deal, so when that happens, you'll hear it here as well.

Regarding military game we were working for some time, that development was halted some time ago by investors and publishers. We were doing a 'work-for-hire' development there, so after the game was put on hold, there was nothing more to do there and we moved back to our projects. Obviously, the above also means that our next title won't be published by Gamecock, as contrary to last year's published press release by Gamecock.

Finally, to reassure again all our fans, our development is going great on all three projects and we will soon have exciting things to show. Since a lot still has to be done, especially on the next Sam game, we don't have a firm release date on it yet. When we do, we'll announce it here on our pages.

Stay serious,

Roman Ribaric
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