Sennheiser announces their first multi-platform gaming headset

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One of the things that brings a smile to my face is audio companies continue to expand their lineup of gaming audio accessories.  The gaming headset has had some stalwarts over the years, but there has also been a dearth of accessory makers trying to make gaming audio products that haven’t been quite up to snuff.  The latest audio company to make a splash is Sennheiser, who has developed their first muti-platform gaming headset to join the ranks of their platform specific models.  The U 320 will work with PC, Xbox 360, MAC and PS3 and features noise-cancelling, in-line volume controls and the companies CircleFlex comfort system to enjoy long gaming session.  The U 320 is scheduled for a Fall release and will have and MSRP of around $169.

Sennheiser’s first multi-platform gaming headset: All gaming devices obey the new U 320

Old Lyme, Conn., September 26, 2012 — Audio specialist Sennheiser’s first multi platform headset, the U 320, conquers all gaming platforms. Whether it is PS3®, Mac, PC or Xbox 360® – the U 320 deliver consistent great sound on all devices and a unique, comfortable design makes gamers enjoy the experience even more.

This is great news for the gamer who wants to enjoy high-end gaming sound, but doesn’t want a different headset for each gaming device. Sennheiser’s new universal gaming headset, the U 320 works on all devices and offers great sound on every platform.

The average age of gamers today is 25 years old and ‘mature gamers’ play on consoles more than they play on PC. This is why Sennheiser created the U 320, offering gamers a consistent high-quality sound experience on every platform. So, if the kids are busy on the Xbox®, a user can just plug the headset into a Mac, PC or PS3® and enjoy time alone without disturbing others.

The U 320 is born out of Sennheiser’s 65-year experience pursuing premium sound, and is designed to emphasize the different types of distinctive gaming sounds. The sound spectrum of the U 320 is superbly amplified and the bass boost is easily adjusted to suit your preference of clear explosions, crashes or background music.

Comfort keeps the game on
Thanks to great comfort, the U 320 is wearable for as long as a gamer wants to enjoy the getaway from everyday life. The open-acoustic design helps keep a cool head, and the soft-padded unique CircleFlex™ design ensures that the ear pads adjust automatically, making the game experience a comfortable thrill.

“The U 320 ensures the best conditions for enjoying your favorite game. We’ve worked hard to develop a consistent sound, regardless of the platform, and believe that our efforts will help players everywhere enjoy a superior sound experience,” says Product Manager Christian Ern of Sennheiser Communications.

The pro noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations with fellow players and friends, and allows the player to mute the microphone by simply raising the boom arm. Adjusting the dual volume control on the cable is just as easy, and the side tone switch monitors the voice while playing.

The U 320 multi platform gaming headset ships with a two-year warranty and will be available later this fall at a price of $169.95.
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