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Sega and Best Buy team up for Alpha Protocol launch

by: Jeremy -
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Sega’s Alpha Protocol finally launches on June 1, 2010 after numerous delays. The game will be available at retailers all across the nation, but gamers who choose to pro-order and purchase their game from Best Buy will get a little bonus with their game.

Sega and Best Buy are teaming up to offer a special “Stealth Weapons Pack” with preorders of the game. The pack will give players a few special weapons and accessories for use within the game including the Hamilton Marksman High-Accuracy Pistol, Samuel Typhoon High Recoil Control SMG, and various special ammunition and mines.

The bonus items, at least as of now, are only available to Best Buy preorders... so you (likely) won’t be seeing them on the Marketplace afterwards. If you want the bonuses, you have to go to Best Buy.

Source: Joystiq