Sega: Sorry AvP for consoles, its not you, its me...

by: Jeremy -
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Sega has officially announced that they are dropping the current plans for updates and patches for the console version of the recent Aliens vs Predators. In a recent announcement made on the Sega forums.

The post states that an internal announcement was made that patches being developed for the console versions have been canceled. Patches had previously been announced for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 versions of the game in order to bring them up to par with the PC version of the game. The PC version has been patched numerous times since the release. At the current time, there are no plans for more patches to the PC version, though their possibilities are not exactly ruled out.

Sorry AvP fans... I hope that you are happy with the multiplayer because it isn’t changing at this point.

Source: VG247 
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