Secret MvC3 event in Vegas tomorrow

by: Jeremy -
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If you are one of the lucky attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, or just happen to be in the area this week, Capcom has a special event for interested gamers. They are holding a special Marvel vs. Capcom 3 event at an undisclosed location to show off the latest, and possibly final, build of the game.

The event is happening tomorrow night, January 6, from 6-9 PM and is for adults 21 and older. Capcom is providing free beer and pizza to all in attendance as well as holding tournaments on the game and giving away a bunch of prizes. Unfortunately, Capcom is no longer sending out invites for the event, so if you aren’t on the list by now, you are out of luck.

Even if you don’t get to attend (like me), the event ensures some new character reveals this week as we head into the final stretch before the game’s release. 

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