Second Hawken beta starts tomorrow, get your beta codes here

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Hawken had one of the more impressive debuts at E3 this year and quickly became one of the more hotly anticipated titles.  The fast movie mech shooter had it's first closed beta a few weeks ago and will have their second closed beta starting this Thursday, November 8th and running until to Tuesday, November 13th.  

I'm not bringing this up to tease you though as we have 1,000 beta (well 999 since I took one for myself) keys to give away.  All you need to do is send an e-mail and ask for a key and we'll send one right back to you.  No fuss, no muss, no trivia questions required.  
Meteor Entertainment Announces Dates for the Second Closed Beta Event and More

Seattle, WA (November 1, 2012) – Meteor Entertainment is here to help HAWKEN fans.  HAWKEN is the upcoming first person mechshooter developed by Adhesive Games.  If you missed piloting your mech in the closed beta event the weekend of October 26th you will be happy to hear that second event dates have beenannounced.  The Closed Beta 2 event will run from Thursday November 8th to Tuesday November 13th.  Be sure to watch our social media outlets for closed beta key giveaways to join the fight.  Don’t forget to enlist at today.

Meteor Entertainment also announces that it will be offering presale bundle packages to kick off the next event.  HAWKEN fans can join “The Vanguard Initiative” by purchasing one of four bundles.  Bundles will be pre-sold at a discount on  Bundles will go for $5, $15, $30, and $60.  These items will then be in gamers’ mech garages at open be
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