Second Android Humble Bundle launches

by: Jeremy -
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The Humble Bundle group is at it again, this time with another Android bundle. As usual, the Humble Bundle Android 2 is offering up a grouping of indie games with a -pay-what-you-want price point; a customizable portion of your payment goes to the Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities.

The new package consists of the following games, all of which are making their Android debuts:
  • Avadon: The Black Fortress
  • Canabalt
  • COGS
  • Zen Bound 2
You will get Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android versions of all of the games and many are redeemable on Steam. The package is also offering up Swords and Soldiers if you pay more than the average price. You can’t argue with a deal this good, so why next check out the official Bundle trailer below and head on over to the Humble Bundle website and donate some money to a couple of good causes?

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