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Sean's The Old Republic Journal #2: A Sith Failure

by: Sean M -
More On: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Since my last entry in this journal series, I have successfully attained the rank of Sith Apprentice. Following my new master, I found myself on Dromund Kaas doing some menial tasks under his orders. There are some things that I have noticed about myself.

First off, I am not a very good Sith. I always seem to be more kind than my master would like, including letting some prisoners go that I shouldn't have because it would have been a waste if I had killed them. Cruelty is also something that I lack due to the fact that I feel guilty when I hurt an NPC. I am probably one of the few Sith that is more on the light side than the dark. I have partaken in some assassination missions and the like were I was definitely dark sided, but overall I am on the side of the light. Perhaps that shows up in my characters appearance, because I am using a green lightsaber instead of red. 

Due to this fact, I decided to see what the Jedi campaign was like, so I started up a new character for a short time. As expected, the difference between the two was night and day. When you start the Sith campaign you are on Korriban, which is a very dry and desolate place. The wildlife and environment is not very hospitable, which means that there is not much to look at. It certainly is an interesting world, but it is quite a depressing place. Contrast that with Tython, where the Jedi Knight storyline begins, and the Sith Warrior storyline becomes less interesting (at least for me). So now it looks like I am starting over on the light side of the force.

I can say though that it appears that being a Sith is far more popular than being a Jedi. When I was a Sith it seemed if there were on average 130-150 players on one planet at any given time. Now that I am a Jedi there are maybe 40-50 players at any given time, which is quite a drop. But I suppose that is to be expected, many people favor the Sith because they look just plain cool. 

I still have to get my feet wet on Tython, so I don't have much to say gameplay wise. But it is very similar to the Sith storyline, albeit without torture and murder. Be sure to check back for more entries in the future!