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This Wednesday, critical darling The Maw is taking on Xbox Live once again by Brute Force.  And by "brute force," it's going to ping your wallet for the negligible sum of 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25 USD).  As the first of three DLC episodes, The Maw: Brute Force fits between levels of the original game, playing like a deleted scene that hit the cutting room floor but is now seeing light of day.  Check out these screenshots which feature the Brute Soldier, a new enemy that's a member of the bounty hunters' elite strike force.


First of Three DLC Levels for The Maw Coming This Week

AUSTIN, TX – February 16, 2009 – For those wanting more from The Maw, Twisted Pixel Games has announced that a new level called "Brute Force" will be launching this Wednesday, February 18 on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25 USD).  Featuring new puzzles, characters, cinematics, and explosive action this level pits Frank and Maw against a new foe: the Brute Soldier, a member of the bounty hunters' elite strike force sent to stop Maw at any cost.

This is the first of three DLC levels that Twisted Pixel Games has been working on ever since The Maw development wrapped last year.  "There's a period of time where we're not allowed to touch the game because it's going through certification, but there was more we wanted to do, so rather than calling it a day we threw ourselves into making all new levels," explains CEO Michael Wilford.  "We've never done DLC before so it's a bit of an experiment for us, but there seems to be a lot of excitement for it so I don't think we can go wrong."

Each DLC level will expand The Maw storyline by fitting in between the original levels as "deleted scenes".  "As with any production, there are always pieces left on the cutting room floor that you wished could have made it into the final cut," says CCO and Director Josh Bear.  "We had a lot of half-finished story elements and gameplay mechanics, so we are picking the best ones, polishing them up and making new levels that are bigger in size and scope than the ones in the main game."

About The Maw

The Maw is a 3D action-adventure game available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD).  It was honored with the PAX-10 Audience Choice Award and is a finalist for Technical Excellence in the upcoming 2009 Independent Games Festival.  More information about The Maw can be found at

About Twisted Pixel Games, LLC

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