Scrabble update for iPhone OS borked the game

by: Dan -
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Apparently, the last update EA Mobile put out for Scrabble on the iPhone OS has caused more harm than good. On the official iTunes Scrabble download page (seen below), EA Mobile has left a message stating that the last upgrade (v1.3.38 on April 9th) is hindering game performance and causing the app to suddenly crash. Whoops.

An update on EA Mobile's Facebook page yesterday (4/21) indicates that they still have not found a solution for the issue, but are working on getting it fixed ASAP.

"SCRABBLE Update: Thank you for your continued patience. We are diligently working on an update for the iPhone/iPod touch SCRABBLE application and it will be available for download soon. We apologize for any inconvenience."
Hopefully EA Mobile will be able to get the app fixed and passed through Apple's process so that those that have Scrabble can actually, you know, play it.

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