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How long has it been since you've played a point-and-click adventure game?  Maybe it hasn't been too long if you have played any of the Tales of Monkey Island or Sam & Max series.  I have always had a soft spot for this genre which is why Prominence caught my eye.  

Coming to PC next year, Prominence is a sci-fi adventure that gives you the task of saving an alien race.  To do so, you'll need to use clues (both in audio, digital and physical form) to figure out what happened to a forward outpost.  The trailer below provide a glimpse of the atmosphere and does a good job of setting the tone of the game.  Hopefully we'll hear more about this as the "next year" release window gets a little more specific.

Prominence Trailer Releases Mere Hours After Unprecedented Solar Eruption Studio Claims No Connection; Conspiracy Theorists Unconvinced

Long Island, New York, Dec. 7, 2010 – The trailer for Prominence, the upcoming science-fiction adventure game from Digital Media Workshop, Inc., was released today just hours after a massive solar prominence sent a filament of magnetic plasma over 400,000 miles long hurling into space.

The studio denied having any pre-existing knowledge of the eruption, but agreed that solar activity was also at an all-time high in their studios as they released the official trailer, which offers the first glimpses into the world of the Letarri and their endangered mission to colonize a remote planet.

“This trailer really captures the emotion and essence of Prominence,” said Mike Morrison, owner of Digital Media Workshop, Inc. “Our target from the beginning of this project has been to deliver a highly immersive, story-driven experience.”

When pressed for comment about the recent activity of the sun in our own solar system, Mr. Morrison added, “Solar activity can have a profound effect on electronics, radio signals, and other electromagnetically sensitive signals and equipment. We should respect the universe around us. It’s a lot bigger than we are, and far less polite.”

Prominence will be released for Windows PCs in 2011.

The trailer can be viewed on the Digital Media Workshop YouTube channel:

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About Prominence
With a highly immersive setting and first person viewpoint, Prominence is a point-and-click science-fiction adventure that combines exploration and puzzle-solving to unravel a mystery through physical clues, audio recordings, data archives, and a damaged central computer system in need of repairs.

Features include:
- Pre-rendered 3D environments with animated effects
- Story-based inventory, environmental and graphical puzzles
- Branching story with multiple endings
- Original soundtrack
- Professional voice-acting
- First person viewpoint

For more information and the latest news, visit us at: or on Facebook® at:

About Digital Media Workshop, Inc.
Founded in 1997, Digital Media Workshop, Inc. is a production studio based in Long Island, New York. Prominence is the debut game from the veteran multimedia company, bringing years of 3D, music and graphic development expertise to the interactive entertainment market. For more information visit: http://

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