Sci-Fi virtual bowling game, Galactic Bowling, has arrived at the Apple App Store

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Perpetual FX Creative was so pleased with the successes of Galactic Bowling – their sci-fi bowling game for the PC – that they decided to take their first deep venture into the mobile games market with the release of Galactic Bowling for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The game features a single player campaign along with a battle mode. Playing through single-player will allow you to unlock various extras in the game like levels, characters, special balls, and “whammies” to defeat opponents. There is a full on storyline complete with background stories to each of the characters in the game. Perpetual FX Creative promises that the game will be cinematic, including detailed visuals like you haven’t seen on the iPhone before. Of course, we’ll all be the judges of that.

Personally, I am not a huge virtual bowling fan but if the graphics are as stunning as they promise it to be and the controls as intuitive as they say, I just might have to check this thing out. Look for it in the App Store for $4.99.

Check the video below for a look at the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Galactic Bowling.


Perpetual FX Creative launches its sci-fi bowling game for Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® Touch

DALLAS, TX – October 13, 2009 – Perpetual FX Creative, a multiplatform independent game developer, is pleased to announce that its critically acclaimed sci-fi bowling game Galactic Bowling is available now for Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch. Galactic Bowling is an exhilarating sports arcade game that is arguably the best looking iPhone application on the market delivering stunning, detailed graphics and fluid-like out of this world gameplay.

“Bringing our game to the highly popular iPhone and iPod touch was an obvious next step in the evolution of the Galactic Bowling franchise,” said Perpetual FX Creative CEO Kyle Entsminger. “With the success we have had with the PC version and given the addictive nature of the game, we’re confident that mobile gaming fans worldwide will truly love Galactic Bowling. Along with the launch of this title, we look forward to expanding further into the mobile games marketplace with future titles.”

Galactic Bowling is an exaggerated bowling game with an intergalactic twist! The game features a full-story campaign engaging players in fast-paced single-player competition and includes a unique universe filled with over-the-top humor, challenging environments and is complete with spectacular visual masterpieces that tell each character’s story with a jaw-dropping in-game cinematics. Players can also unlock levels, characters, special balls, and whammies while at the same time working their way up the ranks of an intergalactic bowling league.

With three distinctive play modes (solo, regular and battle) and an intuitive control scheme that is easy enough for casual players but also has advanced features for experienced gamers, Galactic Bowling offers an entertaining experience that will leave everyone that touches it wanting more!

Galactic Bowling is suitable for all ages and is available through the App Store for $4.99. To learn more about Perpetual FX Creative or its products please visit:
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