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One of the new titles hitting the PlayStation Network this week is Doctor Games’ Puzzle Dimension. The game was detailed on the Official PlayStation Blog by Doctor Games’ co-founder Jesper Rudberg.

The title, which releases today for $9.99, is a puzzle game with 100 challenges to test your wits and push your patience to the edge. All of the struggle and agony is all meant to lead you up to that one moment when the lightbulb comes on and you “get it”, which Rudburg calls the “aha!” moment.

The premise is simple: players will control a ball which can be moved in one of four directions as you traverse evolving 3D structures and collect flowers. Over time, the stages become more complex and additional elements are introduced such as new types of blocks which effect your ball. The game also features full stereoscopic 3D at a full 60 frames a second in 1080P. To celebrate the launch of the game, Sony and Doctor Games are offering a 10% discount for the first week, making the game $8.99 until July 4, 2011.

You can check out the official launch trailer for the game below in order to see just what the title has in store for you:

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