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Sara and Mike: Those other homeless people in the Sims 3 -- starving to death

by: Randy -
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[Sara, a single mother, and Mike, her son, are homeless and living in an abandoned park in The Sims 3's Sunset Valley.  You can backtrack to the first entry here.  Below is their continuing journey.]

Sara and Mike are falling into an inexplicable routine consisting of nothing but napping and brushing their teeth.  They sleep for a few hours on a bench, wake up, and brush their teeth ... and never just once.  They brush their teeth two or three times during each visit to the public restroom.  They will be active for a couple hours, then they brush their teeth again -- multiple times -- before taking another nap.  Once they wake up, the cycle repeats itself. 

So, at first, I condemn the restroom and "board up" its doors (as in, I remove them).  But instead of finding anything else to do, Sara and Mike simply complain all day that they don't have any way to brush their teeth.  Then they take a nap.  When they wake up, they continue their rant about how they can't brush their teeth.

Sara wants into the restroom
Despite my wishes against intervening in such a heavy-handed manner, I bulldoze the restroom.  Sara cries briefly.  Perhaps having the entire toothbrushing diversion was her only guard against the reality of her situation.  Removing the restroom from her life is a bit too much to handle.  But her thoughts, for the first time since falling into the restroom loop, now begin to wander toward other things.

Sara thinks of something else

Fully aware of how terrible he smells, Mike still tries to make friends at school despite his lone wolf personality.  All the other kids make disgusted sounding noises as they pass by him.  Mike waits for the morning bell to ring before he goes inside.  Mike eventually meets another boy, Malcolm Landgraab.  This picks up Mike's mood.  He wants to make Honor Roll now.

Mike tries to make friends at school

Without the restroom occupying the greater portion of her thoughts, Sara actually comes out to meet her son when he returns from school, and gives him a hug.  They're finally talking to each another again, instead of simply waving in passing while on the way to the restroom.  Removing that building was blatant on my part, but it was obviously important that I do so.

Sara hugs Mike

Mike has still been getting free lunches at school, so his hunger pangs are kept at bay.  But Sara is (verifiably) near death.  If she doesn't get something to eat, she will (verifiably) die soon.  I send her over to a house adjacent to the abandoned park.  It's the Hart household.  She sprints over to the trashcan and, somehow not garnering the attention of Dorie Hart (who's just returned home), Sara nervously files through the Harts' trash.

Sara goes through the trash

Sara finds two old newspapers (useless) and an uncut pink diamond (!).  Still, there's no food to scrounge.  In a bold move, Sara goes up and rings the doorbell to the Hart residence.

Sara meets the Harts

Sara is cordially welcomed, and Dorie, who answers the door, doesn't even complain about Sara's smell.  Dorie wanders off to another part of the house and Sara, whose habits die hard, heads for the bathroom so she can brush her teeth.

Sara brushes her teeth

Dorie only made enough dinner for herself when Sara had arrived.  So Sara patiently watches TV in the living room, and then watches Dorie play videogames -- which apprarently bore Sara.  Sara also meets Gus, the silent and book-reading man of the house, as well as Bebe, a teenaged girl that loves music but loathes television.  Sara understandably talks about little except the Harts' home.  Dorie, after a marathon gaming session, decides to make another meal.  This time there's enough for everybody.  (Verifiably*) only a few hours from death, Sara gets her first meal since becoming homeless.

Sara has dinner

By midnight, Bebe says it's getting late and she asks Sara to leave.  Sara does.  Sort of.  Unwilling to go, Sara stands on their front porch for several hours, listening to Dorie practice guitar while Bebe dances around in a bikini by the stereo.  Sara thinks on everything before exhaustion hits.

Sara won't leave

Mike had come home from school and finished his homework some time ago.  Still, he appears to be missing somebody.

Mike misses mom

Around 3:00 a.m., Sara returns to the park.  Mike is up waiting for her when she comes back, but he's not angry.  Sara is stumbling from exhaustion, but she still lets Mike gush about art, film, and literature.  Sara doesn't mention where she's been.

Sara is finally home

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