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[Sara, a single mother, and Mike, her son, are homeless and living in an abandoned park in The Sims 3.  You can backtrack to any of the first four entries (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) or jump right into their continuing adventures.]

Sara visits Abraham Finkel at the condo he lives at.  Despite the fact that he looks like a poorly-dressed college dropout, he discusses politics and nature.  Oh wait.  (The baby isn't Abraham's, though he does pick the baby up and carry him upstairs.)

Abe talks nature
The usual comes up.  Sara wants a home.  Abraham asks what it's like sleeping on a bench.  Sara says she wants to take a bath.

Sara wants to take a bath

Abraham invites Sara up.  Their conversation remains amicable.  Sara's rather concerned about the baby, though.  I can't tell if her concerns are maternal or merely curious.  Abraham turns on the TV.

Sara asks about the baby

Sara meets the lady of the house.  The baby may be hers, though I don't see her interact with the baby (who's crawling off elsewhere) or with Abraham.  She's apparently a bit of a drama queen.

Sara meets the lady of the house

Sara then heads for the bathroom.  She may not have showered for a week (which, in "Sims Time," equates to about a quarter of her adult life), but no one will accuse Sara of not taking care of her teeth.

Sara brushes teeth

Sara brushes her teeth once, twice, three times.  Abraham finally has to shoo her out of the bathroom so that he can use the toilet.

Sara is shooed out

Maybe that was Sara's cue to just leave.  She heads out the door, but Abraham meets her out front before the cab arrives.  They goof around.

Abe makes faces

Perhaps misreading the signals, Sara enjoys making faces with Abraham.  She heads back inside the condo.  That might not have been the effect Abraham was after.

Sara goes back inside

On the other hand, getting on Sara's good side may have been a ploy all along.  Abraham drops a startling request on Sara:  He asks for money.

Abe asks for money

Sara doesn't acknowledge the request.  They both head into the kitchen and grab some dinner.  They sit at separate tables, and they stop talking to one another.  The mood is suddenly somber.   Abraham's request wasn't detrimental to their friendship, no; but Sara immediately leaves after the meal.  Abraham wordlessly cleans up after her.  Sara doesn't call Abraham again.

Sara grabs a last meal

Back at the abandoned park, Mike is doing his homework, diligent as always.  He usually finishes it all before the strain starts to set in and he has takes a nap.

Mike does homework

I watch Sara head for the cab, and it looks like she's just going to go home.  Then I switch views back over to the abandoned park.  When she doesn't arrive, I have to look around town to locate her.  In another unexpected move -- one that makes me applaud her autonomy -- I find Sara at the public pool, finally getting herself cleaned up.

Sara showers

The weekend arrives.  Sara has been practicing guitar all morning, and now she wants to play in the park.  I send both her and Mike to Central Park.  She plays, and the crowd grows to a burgeoning half-dozen.  Sara gets uncomfortable with the size of the crowd, but she keeps playing.  Very soon, Sara will be good enough to play for tips.

Sara plays in the park

Mike will have a birthday and become a teenager tomorrow.  Sara continues to pursue her dream of mastering the arts.  Things are looking up.  But, without any income as of yet, there's one person that's going to remove a tiny piece of what little Sara and Mike have.  It's the Repo Man.

Repo Man

And that's it, folks.  This blog ends on an uncertain note.  The story of Sara and Mike will continue; just not in written form.  Again, special thanks to Robin Burkinshaw for his embarrasingly-addictive Alice and Kev blog.  Which is still ongoing.  Do yourself a favor and go read his work.  It's fantastic.

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