Sara and Mike: The other homeless people in the Sims 3 -- From the bottom of the Harts' fridge

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[Sara, a single mother, and Mike, her son, are homeless and living in an abandoned park in The Sims 3.  You can backtrack to any of the first four entries (1, 2, 3, 4) or jump right into their continuing adventures.]

There are some conventions in The Sims 3 that are somewhat unavoidable.  One of them is that all adult Sims carry a cell phone, homeless or not.  Their monthly plans are free of charge and come packaged with unlimited anytime minutes.

Early in the morning, with hunger gnawing at Sara as it typically does, she pulls out her cell phone for the first time.  In rapid fire fashion -- bam bam bam -- Sara dials up the small handfull of people she knows in town.  She has only one thing to say to each of them before abruptly hanging up.

Sara calls everyone
She calls everyone next door at the Hart residence.  Dorie.  Bebe.  Gus.  Then she even calls Abraham Finkel, a guy she'd only seen around town a couple times but never talked to.  Her short list of contacts is quickly spent.  She ends the one-sided conversation with Abraham on a particularly dour note.  Sara thinks she might die if she doesn't eat soon.

Sara thinks she might die

I send Sara to a local lake, hoping that she'll go fishing.  But apparently, Sara considers fishing a recreational hobby -- not a means of getting a meal -- and she refuses to bait a hook when she's feeling so hungry.  She sprints back to the cab and has the driver take her right back to the abandoned park.

Sara goes fishing

Relying on the kindness of neighbors, I send Sara over to the Hart residence, but no one's home.

No one home at the Harts

That's okay.  Sara waits.  Dorie is back at dusk, wondering why Sara is already there.  Sara appears to have an idea.  Either that, or she's thinking that the Harts' porch could use some more lighting.

Dorie is home

In a deft move, Sara says hello and then quickly makes her way to the refrigerator.  Despite Sara's rudeness, I'm proud of her.

Sara goes for leftovers

There's no time to cook.  Sara grabs the first leftovers she finds.  Afterwards, Sara celebrates the only way she knows how.

Sara celebrates

Dorie and Sara chat.  Dorie is concerned about the phone call from earlier today.

Dorie talks death

The topic of death is so disconcerting that it hurts their friendship to even talk about it.  Dorie quickly changes the subject.  Considering Sara's current circumstances, she finds the change of topic hilarious.

Sara thinks shoes are funny

Dorie asks Sara to leave early.  To emphasize the point, she nearly pukes in Sara's lap.

Time to leave

Sara doesn't head home to the abandoned park, however.  She calls up someone she's never spent a significant amount of time with:  Abraham Finkel.  The upcoming encounters she'll have with him leave Sara confused about where she wants to be...

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