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Sara and Mike: Those other homeless people in the Sims 3

by: Randy -
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I'm not the inventor of the "homeless experiment" in The Sims 3.  That honor goes to Robin Burkinshaw, creator of the (absolutely fantastic) tale of Alice and Kev.  If you haven't read the tale of Alice and Kev -- which is still ongoing -- stop reading this blog and go read that one. 

Otherwise, I'd like to introduce to you Sara and Mike.  Sara is the single, homeless, unemployed mother of Mike, her son that inherited her genius, over-emotional tendencies, and loner personality.  I created a plot of land to look like an abandoned park, setting about with the idea of following these two on their journey, while minimizing any interruptions and suggestions from myself.  Again, I'm not claiming to be original in implementing the parameters of this experiment, but reading the tale of Alice and Kev was powerful enough to make a purchase of The Sims 3 an imperative.  Here, as I follow  Burkinshaw's example, understand that my emulation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Abandoned Park
I give Sara and Mike nothing but an acoustic guitar, which Sara takes up immediately, musical virtuoso that she is.  Mike stands silently behind his mother and taps his foot to the music.  When she's done playing, they converse.  She talks about music, of course.  But he talks about money.  Then they play tag for hours through the bramble-ridden park. 

Sara plays guitar

As night falls, Sara again takes up the guitar, playing through her need for sleep, and playing through her hunger that's settling in for the first time.  They both wake up in the middle of the night, talking about nothing but food. 

Sara and Mike are hungry

They brush their teeth several times each in the public restroom, perhaps to make up for a lack of all other hygiene, and then fall back asleep.  The next morning, Mike talks about wanting a house, and Sara explains that money -- stacks of it -- are needed to purchase a home. 

Stacks of money

It also looks like Sara, in the same conversational strand, is trying to explain what being a "starving artist" might mean for the both of them.

Sara is a starving artist

Mike runs to catch the bus.  He's hungry, but he'll eat for free at school.  Sara will have to find other means of filling her starving-artist stomach.

Mike runs for the bus

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