Sanctum 2 arriving on the Playstation Network on September 10th

by: Nathan -
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Sanctum 2, the first person, co-op, tower-defense game has been on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PC for a while now, but soon PS3 players will get to join in on the fun. 

On September 10th, Sanctum 2 will launch worldwide on the Playstation Network for $14.99. This will be the first time that PS3 players will get to experience the franchise. In Sanctum 2 players take on the role of an elite soldier whose mission is to protect the oxygen-producing Cores from hoards of deadly aliens. 

Finally, the PS3 version of the game will include the patch which includes a higher tower cap, tower resources for all players in co-op games and increased tower bases gained each wave. 

Be sure to check out Jeremy Duff and Mike Mahardy's reviews of the game. 

For more information be sure to check out Coffee Stain Studio's official website, Facebook page and Twitter
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