Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Hits XBLA Wednesday

by: Marissa -
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Fans of crime-fighting dogs and sociopathic bunnies, you're in luck. No, Scruff McGruff and the Life in Hell rabbits aren't having a crossover special (unfortunately). It's the second season of the point-and-click adventure series  featuring Sam & Max, and it's coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. You'll be able to pick up all five episodes of the season for 1600 MS points; less than a few bucks apiece.

In Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, the pup and bun-bun Freelance Police battle the bizarre and supernatural, from a demonic Santa Claus to an emo vampire's rave-frequenting, zombie army. Before it's over, Sam & Max will risk their eternal souls to save the world. It's up to you to solve challenging brain-teasers and nonsensical crimes over a series of rich environments. As always, this season of Sam & Max is chock-full of the trademark humor fans love.

Gather a bouquet of fragrant inspiration from Beyond Time and Space, because Telltale's annual Halloween contest has just begun. Contestants can win a gaming console of their choice and more! Just submit a creation inspired by any Telltale game (previous entries include a Sam costume made out of used underwear). To see past years' submissions and learn about this year's contest, visit

Can't get enough point-and-click play? Telltale has promised that a new episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will debut on XBLA in November.
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