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Volition, the developers of Saints Row IV, have decided to follow suit with retail stores and reign in Christmas a bit early. To get into the holiday spirit they have three new holiday season announcements.

The first, Volition's Nice List, challenges players to head over to their website and share ideas on how some naughty developers can regain favor and switch over to the nice list. The ideas will be filmed and reenacted by the devs. Your entries need to be submitted by November 29. 

If you're more of a musical celebrator, Volition wants you to send videos of you, your friends, and family singing the special Saints Row Jingle Bells. The best videos will be chosen and used in a Saints Row video message, and winners will get a special seasonal gift from Deep Silver and Volition. Dressing as a Saints Row character in your video will improve your chances of winning. The deadline for the sing along videos is December 5. 

Last but not least, The "How the Saints Save Christmas" DLC. On December 11th players will be able to get their digital hands on the story add-on. The DLC revolves around Santa trapped in a simulation, while the Saints gang tries to convince their boss to save him; eat your heart out, Charles Dickens. The content will be free to season pass subscribers or $6.99 separately.

Check out all of the details for the contests, submissions, and DLC at the official website here.


Deep Silver Announces a Special Saints Row IV Holiday

The Saints have travelled to the North Pole and back and have come marching in with a wealth of presents to bring plenty of holiday cheer.

1. Naughty or Nice? - Announcing the Volition Nice List
Some of Saints Row IV's developers have been very naughty this year. For the full story behind each developer's terrible deeds, check out the official website, and get some inspiration on how the devs should redeem themselves!

What should they do to get back on Santa's Nice List? Participants can submit ideas that will help the devs win back Santa's favor. The developers will be filmed as they reenact these ideas the way only Volition can!
The submission deadline is November 29, 2013.

2. The Saints Row Sing-A-Long Christmas Carol Contest
Participants in the Sing-A-Long contest can submit a video of themselves (and their friends!) singing special Saints Row lyrics to Saints Row Jingle Bells. The best entries will be immortalized in a one-of-a-kind Saints Row video message, and all winners will receive a special seasonal gift from Deep Silver and Volition!

Chances of being canonized as a living Saint can be improved if the participants dress up as a Saints Row character for their video. The submission deadline is December 5, 2013. Instructions on how to submit a video are available at the official website

3. "How the Saints Save Christmas" DLC

Rejoice, December 11 is a day unlike any other, because it is the day Deep Silver and Volition will release the festive "How the Saints Save Christmas" DLC.

Santa is trapped inside the simulation, but the Scrooge-like boss of the Third Street Saints can't muster enough festive spirit to save him. Can the Saints help the boss discover the true meaning of the season in time? A holiday classic for the whole family.

Owners of the Saints Row IV Season Pass can download this DLC for free. It is also available separately for $6.99.
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