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My fellow friends, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Sadness... a game that never was. Sadness was a survival horror style game in production by Nibris for the Nintendo Wii that was revealed a few years back. The looked very original and sparked some excitement among Wii faithfuls. The game was to be set in Russia prior to the first World War and focused on you controlling the main character, Maria, following a train accident. As Maria, it was up to you to guide and protect her young, blind son to safety.

The game focused on scaring the player(s) through psychology and environment, by focusing on such topics as narcolepsy and schizophrenia. Unfortunately, however, it will never be. The game has been delayed numerous times and had recently been labeled as vaporware by most of the industry. In a blog posting dated April 5, 2010, the game’s main musical composer Arkadiusz Reikowskiego confirmed that the project has officially been canceled. In order to pay tribute to the now lost game, he has released the soundtrack for the game on his blog.

The blog itself appears to be in Polish, but the links to the tracks for the game are clearly visible to all readers. Check it out and see, no make that hear, what might have been...

Source: Original Soundversion

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