Sacrilege: Tetris coming to PlayStation Network

by: Jeremy -
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I guess the days of viewing Tetris as a Nintendo-title are long gone... I mean the game has appeared on countless non-Nintendo consoles, even as recently as the Xbox 360 in the past couple of years. It still seems weird to me every time that I see a Tetris game on anything other than a Gameboy though...

EA Mobile is launching Tetris for the PlayStation Network in early 2011. This time around, the block-dropping frenzy will be occuring in full high definition. The PSN version of Tetris will boast full 1080P resolution grpahics, 5.1 Dolby Sound, and six online and local multiplayer modes. The PSN version of the game will also introduce cooperative and team based modes of play for the title.

Sony has released a trailer for the game through the Official PlayStation Blog, which you can find below, along with two screenshots from the game.

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