SSF4:3D makes it simple for the non-pros

by: Jeremy -
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A lot of gamers who aren’t into the fighting game genre consider the games to be incredibly difficult to play. The various command strings required for the special moves and effective combos scare a lot of newcomers off. Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition for the Nintendo DS hopes to eliminate that problem with the new simple mode.

In the demonstration and explanation video shown below, created by a community member of Capcom’s Unity Blog (Desk), viewers are given the most complete description of the mode that I have seen yet. Note that this isn’t actual 3DS footage being used, but a detailed and visual explanation of how the simple mode of the 3DS game works. It is kind of interesting to see just how “simple” they are making the game; surely this will create an unfair advantage for someone who knows how to use the simple mode properly. Then again, that isn’t what the mode is for... check it out:

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