SSF4: but I want that too...

by: Jeremy -
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 Capcom has unveiled the special edition Super Street Fighter IV that will be available exclusively through Capcom of Japan's e-store.  Currently, this bundle is only scheduled for a Japanese release but I am hoping, no make that praying, that we see a similar bundle over here in the states.  The super-duper collectors edition of the game, which will be known as the e-Capcom Limited Edition contains all of the following:
  • Super Street Fighter IV game
  • Official Soundtrack for the game
  • Exclusive command / combo chart containing move lists and combos for all characters, similar to a desk calendar
  • e-Capcom Special Edition DVD: video strategy guide detailing the trial mode challenges and tactics to complete them and archived battles of Japanese Street Fighter pros battling it out on the newest version of the game
I want... I want... I want...
Special thanks to Andriasang for translating the Official SSF4 blog with this information!

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