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SSF4: More screens and character speculation

by: Jeremy -
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 The gaming blog Andriasang has posted a gallery of new screenshots for Capcom's upcoming Super Street Fighter IV.  There isn't any new information revealed in any of the shots, just a reminder how gorgeous Capcom's fighter is graphically.  Another interesting note is that the screens are supposedly from a recent build, and the 4 blank spots that appeared in the character select screen are now gone.  An image had appeared from a Famitsu preview back in December that indicated that there were four blank spots on the character selection screen, fueling speculation that the roster would continue to grow.  The recent image(s) that have surfaced contradict that though, and make it seem as though the game is standing firm at a roster of 31 playable characters.  While I would always love to see more fighters thrown into the mix, I would be more than satisfied with the roster of 31 that has been revealed at this point.  Super Street Fighter IV hits North America on April 27, 2010...