SSF4: Learn from the pros... for a price

by: Jeremy -
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I read an interesting story over at Siliconera this morning. While the concept of paying for instructional video game tutoring isn’t anything new, it was something that I have not heard of in quite a few years. I guess that it isn’t dead after all. The last time that I heard of these types of services, at least in any major fashion, was back in the Quake 2 era of PC gaming.

Reportedly, some of the top Super Street Fighter IV players in the world are now offering tutoring sessions over both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services via the EventHubs website. Don’t expect to sign up for a session with the “just make me good” mentality, these guys are serious and are looking to help gamers improve their SF-game by focusing on specifics. In order to schedule a session, you will need to pay the requested fee(s) and know, specifically, which area of your fighting game you want to focus on.

If you are interested, the following are the players and characters which are currently being offered:
  • Justin Wong: Rufus, Abel, Balrog, and Makoto, $50 per hour over Xbox Live
  • Mike Ross: E. Honda, Ken, and Blanka, $45 per hour over Xbox Live
  • Martin “Marn” Phan: Dudley, C. Viper, and Abel, $40 per hour over Xbox Live
  • Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez: Balrog, Guile, and Rose, $40 per hour on both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network
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