SSDs and why they aren't getting cheaper...well cheaper faster

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I've had some talks recently with friends and companies about SSDs and how expensive they are compared to what they bring to the table. The technology now makes them pretty cool to have as boot drives and to hold a few applications you want to boot up quickly. Game wise, you'll probably only be able to fit a handful of games on the ones that are affordable because of their size limitations but why have they been so slow to decline in pricing? Computerworld has an article talking about such a thing and gives you some nice little information if you aren't too familiar with SSDs.

There are some good $100 SSDs that are around the 32GB range  that are more than enough for a good boot drive and to hold an application or two that you run a lot. In fact, I looked at one to put in as my boot machine for my Windows 7 home theater PC because I'd like to get the quickest time back to ready state when I do have to reboot the machine so I don't miss any recordings in case something is not working right and it's near a time where a show's about to start. (Yes, it's happened to me a few times.)

The size I'd like to get though would be in the 500GB range for my game machine but that's just hella expensive right now. I mean we're talking in the $1000+ range here so it's still more cost effective to pick up a 1GB 7200RPM drive for around $80. The ideal setup for me though would be a 250GB SSD for booting and my current games with a 2TB drive as my secondary for all my other files and media. Until 250GB SSDs come in around $200 or so, I'll probably still keep going with regular hard drives in my main rig.
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