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Free To Play games I think are a great thing but of course there is always that fear that the game could shut down like MMORPG's. Unfortunately this seems to be the case with SOE's futuristic death sport Bullet Run which has announced that all membership billing for the game will cease today and the game will shut down on March 8th 2013 with a final grand finale bash planned for that day.

Thankfully all players with platinum memberships will receive refunds for their remaining time with the game. Players will be able to play the game until the grand finale of the game on March 8th 2013. . 

Its always sad to see a company have to shut down a game as it seems that all their hard work will will be wiped from existence soon. Needless to say the loyal fanbase on the official forums are incredibly upset. 

As someone that plays MMORPG's and pays real money in Free To Play games.. this is a fear I live with everyday. 

The full press release and FAQ can be found below 

Dear Bullet Run Contestant,

After much review and consideration, Acony Games and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have mutually made the decision to discontinue development on the free-to-play FPS game, Bullet Run. As a result, SOE and Acony will sunset the game and end all game services for Bullet Run on March 8, 2013. We would like to thank the players for their dedication and support of the game.

All membership billing for the game will end on February 1, 2013, and players with platinum memberships will receive prorated refunds for their remaining time. Players with active memberships as of February 1 will be able to continue playing as platinum members until the game is shut down on March 8th. Below is the Bullet Run Sunset FAQ.

Is Bullet Run being shut down?
Yes. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Acony Games have decided to sunset the game and end all game services for Bullet Run on March 8, 2013. We would like to thank the players for their dedication and support of the game.

What happens to the Bullet Run game after the shut down date?
All Station account information will stay with SOE. Acony will retain the game code but at this time there is no plan to relaunch the game.

Will I be able to play Bullet Run until March 8, 2013?
Yes, all players with accounts in good standing will continue to be able to log in and play Bullet Run until it shuts down.

What happens to my Platinum Membership?
All billing for Platinum Memberships will end on February 1, 2013. If you have a Platinum Membership as of that date, your Platinum Membership will remain active until the shutdown date on March 8, 2013.

What about SOE Game Cards?
SOE Game Cards are no longer redeemable for Platinum Membership in Bullet Run.

What is the refund policy for existing Platinum Memberships? How will I get a refund?
As of February 1, 2013, all billing for Platinum Memberships will end. SOE will provide a pro rata refund for any time remaining on your Bullet Run subscription past January 31, 2013. If you have a valid credit card on your Station account, the refund will be applied to that credit card. Otherwise, SOE will mail the refund check to the current billing address on your account. Refunds are expected to be issued within 90 days after the shut down date (March 8, 2013). Please be sure to review and update your email and mailing address in your Station Account so that we can contact you regarding any refund.

What will happen to my game progress, in-game characters, and in-game items?
The servers are scheduled to be shut down on March 8, 2013. At that point players will no longer be able to access the game, their characters, or in-game items.

Can I purchase new items until March 8, 2013? What will happen to these items?
New items are purchasable until March 8, 2013. Please be aware that these items, along with all others, will not be available after the shutdown of Bullet Run.

What happens to my Station Cash after the game shuts down?
Your Station Cash will still be in your Station Account after the game is shut down and can be used in other SOE games.

Will the Bullet Run Website and/or Forums be available after the service shuts down?
All Websites and Forums associated with Bullet Run will be removed after the service shuts down.

I have a further concern and want to contact Customer Service. How do I do that?
We definitely want to help address any further concerns, and if there is some specific issue with your situation that isn't covered but could be answered by Customer Service please follow the directions on this page. You are also welcome to post any general questions in this thread; we will be reviewing it frequently.

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