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This is expansion pack number sixteen.  It's amazing that the game is still going strong.  Sony Online Entertainment has released EverQuest Underfoot for the suggested retail price of $39.99.  Expect new content, zones, achievements, master trade skills, and an extended target window. 

There is a lot of information in the press release so click read more for that.  Also, you can head to the official web site for a digital download of the expansion pack to get playing in no time.

Short Personal Experience With EverQuest
After playing EverQuest for three years, I admit that I had an addiction.  It was a ton of fun and kept me coming back again and again. While many didn't get hooked by the game, it fit my play style and interests extremely well.

When Lost Dungeons of Norrath was released, I purchased it and played for about another month.  At that point, I had a revelation.  If I continued down that path I was on then I would never have a social life.  I was having trouble maintaining priorities.  I decided to drop my account, started focusing on school, and about one year later met my wife. 

EverQuest still appeals to me all these years later.  If they released a single-player version of the core game (original continents with maybe the first three expansion packs) I would probably buy it.  I enjoyed the solo aspects although taking down dragons with a raid was a blast.  I wonder how things would be different if I tried it at this point in my life, but I find it hard to be sucked back into a pay-to-play subscription again.

At any rate, it's nice to see SOE still going strong with this product.
16th Expansion Invites Players to Journey into the Undiscovered Depths of Norrath

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – DECEMBER 15, 2009 – Online gamers can now immerse themselves in EverQuest® Underfoot™, the latest expansion from the genre-defining massively multiplayer online game by Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE). Underfoot is the unparalleled 16th expansion for the EverQuest franchise, and is available today via digital download at for the suggested retail price of $39.99.

“Celebrating a decade of EverQuest throughout this year has reinvigorated our community and development team alike, and that passion is clearly on display with the latest expansion,” said Thom Terrazas, Producer, Sony Online Entertainment. “Underfoot presents a world unlike anything you've experienced in Norrath, providing a deep and fun experience for all our players.”

To further demonstrate SOE’s commitment to its player community, on December 17th, the online resource will be included at no additional cost for EverQuest players with an active, paid subscription in good standing.

About EverQuest Underfoot:
New Content: New areas for adventurers to explore including Brell's Rest, Pellucid Grotto, The Underquarry, Brell's Arena, The Foundation, The Cooling Chamber, Arthicrex, Lichen Creep, Kernagir the Shining City, Fungal Forest, Volska's Husk, and Brell's Temple. Players can travel into Underfoot solo, with a group, or in raids to complete new quests, tasks, and events to acquire new items, spells, tradeskill recipes, and abilities.

New Achievement System: Users can display and manage their progress through the world of Norrath. The achievement system allows players to track various categories of their advancement such as levels, Alternate Advancements, quest completions, and other progression tracking events. At the launch of Underfoot, players can track their General, Tradeskill and Underfoot progression Achievements.

Extended Target Window: Players can now track friends and foes with greater accuracy. The target window now lets players assign people or group roles to specific locations on the window for easy re-targeting. Users can track main tank, raid tanks, main target, main assist, puller, etc., or just put a specific player or NPC in the window.

Master Tradeskilling: Tradeskillers can create powerful new weapons, armor, food and drink items, poisons and more.
For more information and in-game rewards EverQuest players are encouraged to signup for SOE ConnecDing at
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