SOCOM 4‘s cooperative aims to impress

by: Jeremy -
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Sony and Zipper Interactive are looking to make a statement with the upcoming SOCOM 4 for the PlayStation 3. A new video interview has been released on the Official PlayStation Blog which focuses on the new custom scenarios included in the game which should create almost infinite replayability.

While the game will include the standard campaign and multiplayer modes, it is the new custom scenario options that should set it apart from the competition. In SOCOM 4, up to 4 other players can team up online and take on player designed scenarios to create their own mini-campaign, if you will. Players can string together a series of up to 4 missions, each with a ton of variable options including difficulty, objectives, and enemy count(s). The game will incorporate randomized elements into each match making it different every time even if the same options are selected. The computer will change up the AI tactics, spawn location, and objective locations just to keep things varied from game to game.

I have never been a huge SOCOM fan but this new feature sounds very interesting to me. I may have to check this out when it launches this April.

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