SOCOM 4 it is!

by: Jeremy -
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I have actually been sitting in this for a little while now,  sworn to secrecy, but since the Playstation Blog just broke the story, I guess I can talk now.  The big sequel that has been hyped as premiering on Gametrailers TV tonight from Sony is none other than SOCOM 4, developed by Zipper.  Zipper has long been rumored as handling the next installment in the series, but the shocking thing is that the game is prepping for a release this coming fall!

SOCOM 4 will include a full single player campaign as well as 32-player online multiplayer.  Zipper is assuring gamers that this announcement does not mean that they are not going to fully support MAG in the future.  They claim that they will continue to support both games fully...  You can catch the reveal trailer for the game on tonight's Gametrailers TV episode on Spike TV.

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