SOCOM 4 has got the moves

by: Jeremy -
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If you find it embarrassing to be “teabagged” in Halo, or any other FPS for that matter, just wait until you see what your opponents can do to you in SOCOM 4. The Official PlayStation Blog has revealed that the game will include more than a dozen celebratory dances that can be performed on over your opponents’ fallen bodies.

At the above link, Zipper Interactive has shared a short video highlighting a couple of the dances included in the game. Players simply need to stand over their fallen enemies and press the Circle button to initiate some “moving and shaking". When the final game launches, you and your enemies will be busting moves such as:
  • The Chicken
  • The Robot
  • The Crane
Now, we all know that the ultimate embarrassment is going to be to catch a bullet in your back while you are doing the robot over a fallen enemy. The highlight videos that will undoubtedly follow on Youtube should be incredibly entertaining...

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