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So, while I think SHUTTLE and their new lineup of laptops and J series are pretty nice, I do think the term "reinventing the laptop" is taking it over the top. However, it is good to see a company like SHUTTLE getting some TV press time. They have been innovating the small footprint PC since .... well, since there has been a small footprint PC. And while their new line of laptops are feature laden and performance minded, it's not like they threw in a time machine and an espresso maker.

The point of this story is the recent change to move towards a standard line of laptop cases, motherboards and accessories to make sure everything is backwards and forwards compatible. It's a great idea, but a difficult one for SHUTTLE to guarantee (as mentioned by their CEO at the CES presser announcing this project).

Hit the jump to read the press release regarding SHUTTLE getting time on ABC 10 in California.
ABC News 10 reviews Shuttle's new standardized form factor for laptops, noting that it will "allow for close-to-universal part interchangeability" and redefine the way laptops are built

City of Industry, CA--January 15, 2010 / ( -- Shuttle, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance small form factor (SFF) PC solutions and creator of the XPC, was featured on ABC News 10 and was highlighted as "reinventing the laptop computer" in ABC News 10's coverage of the latest products and technologies. 

"We used to have a motto when we created the first small form factor desktop with standard parts - 'Shuttle leads and others follow,'" said Nicolas Villalobos, Manager at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles, "With our new standardized form factor for laptops, we're leading the innovation game once again and setting a standard for others to follow. We're redefining the way laptops are built and in the end, this will not only benefit professional system builders, but also everyday consumers." 

ABC News 10, a leading television news source for consumers, spotlighted the new notebook business strategy from Shuttle which introduces a standardized form factor for laptops, allowing for "close-to-universal part interchangeability" and "reinventing the laptop" as we know it today. 

"While the popularity of laptop computers have been increasing over the years due to portability and ever-dropping prices, they've been suffering one of the things that make desktop models a much better choice for many: internal component interchangeability," writes Barry White at ABC News 10, "Shuttle seeks to change that." 

"The company has introduced their PBC assembly form factor which (depending on screen-size) will allow for close-to-universal part interchangeability," adds Barry White at ABC News 10, "While it is possible for somebody with a Toshiba, Dell or HP laptop to contact their respective manufacturer for a replacement part, all too often by the time said part is in need of replacement the company has moved away from its form factor and no longer supports that model of laptop. Shuttle's PBC shouldn't face such issues." 

ABC News 10 Interview: 
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