SF x Tekken reveals an ingenius take on character costumes

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has something a little different in store when it comes to the costume options in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. The game is going to utilize a swapped costumes rather than alternate costumes. What this means is that the characters will all be wearing familiar uniforms, just not necessarily the same ones that we are accustomed to seeing them wear.

This means that we will be seeing Kuma(the bear) wearing R. Mika’s traditional uniform, and perhaps Chun Li dressed in a panda suit as if she were Ling Xiaoyu’s pet. There is the potential for some extremely hilarious mash- ups here and I cannot wait to see them all.

Players will also have the ability to customize the various colors of the different characters; allowing you to basically create your own customizations and looks which will make your versions unique within the SF x Tekken world. Take a look at a variety of screenshots below showing off some of the possibilities in the game thanks to this new system:

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