SF x Tekken DLC plans aren’t as bad as many thought

by: Jeremy -
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Everyone was afraid that Capcom was going to gouge the crap out of consumers with their DLC plans for Street Fighter x Tekken. Well, it appears as if everyone was getting a little worried over nothing as Capcom has outlined their DLC plans for the title and things aren’t nearly as bad as it was believed. 
Capcom has a crap-ton of content ready to roll out over the next few months for the game and there is as much, if not more, free stuff than there is paid. The first DLC will hit the respective marketplaces on April 3 with the release of Swap Costumes. These alternate costumes will give the Street Fighter characters access to classic Tekken costumes and vice versa. They will cost $1.00 / 80 MSP a piece or be available in 2 separate packs (Tekken and Street Fighter) for $13.00 / 1040 MSP. After their release, a wave of free and paid content will begin flowing onto the service as follows:
  • April 3: Swap Costumes (available individually or in grouped packs per series); prices vary
  • April 3: 3 new Color Packs; free to all players
  • April 3: 3 new pre-programmed Quick Combos; free to all players
  • date TBD: Tournament Mode support and streamlined gem selection / customization; free for all players
  • date TBD: 9 new gems packs featuring more than 60 new gems; free to all players
  • date TBD: Replay Analyzer mode and support; free to all players
  • date TBD: 3 additional gem loadout slots; free to all players
  • after launch of Vita version: 12 pack of new DLC fighters, $20.00 / 1200 MSP
It doesn’t look as if we will be getting the DLc fighters any time soon (unless you are a hacker), but when they do launch, the pricing isn’t as bad as it has been in the past. Capcom previously charged $5.00 per additional character for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so paying less than $2.00 a piece is a nice change of pace. Then again, if you pick up the Vita version when it launches all of the new characters will be included. See people, Capcom can be reasonable...

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