SF X Tekken: the roster so far

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has been on a rampage recently, releasing teaser after teaser of new character / challenger videos for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. There have been so many, that I haven’t been able to keep up. As it stands now, the playable roster of characters is officially up to 26 and includes the following:
  • Abel
  • Bob
  • Cammy
  • Chun Li
  • Dhalsim
  • Guile
  • Heihachi
  • Hugo
  • Hwaorang
  • Ibuki
  • Julia
  • Kazuya
  • Ken
  • King
  • Kuma
  • Lili
  • Marduk
  • Nina
  • Poison
  • Raven
  • Rolento
  • Ryu
  • Sagat
  • Steve
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Zangief
Plus, of course, Cole McGrath will be present on both the Vita and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. There are plenty of other characters expected to be added too, all of which have been heavily teased or featured in the various promotional videos (including the newest one below). We could see fighters such as Rufus, Mike Haggar, and Marshall Law added to the roster at any time.

Check out the latest trailer for the game below, as well as some new screens:

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