SF X Tekken: fueled by the Pandora

by: Jeremy -
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I am not sure how I feel about this, but Capcom is making an attempt to inject a little bit of story into the Street Fighter X Tekken game with their latest trailer. Do we really need much more of an explanation than two of the biggest fighting game franchises going head to head? I didn’t think so...

Anyways, it is here and we have it: a mysterious cube from space crash landed on Earth and appears to show some sort of reaction when living creatures came into contact with one another. Are you confused yet? I know that I am... the premise did spawn one hell of a new trailer for the game though which shows off a ton of action including scenes with the newest characters such as Rolento and Heihachi.

Capcom has also announced quite a few of the new modes and features being used in the game. The trailer below highlights some of the bigger additions such as:
  • 2-on-2 versus battle which will allow 2-players to team up each take control of a member of their selected team
  • 4-player scramble mode which will see 4 players battling it out for supremacy simultaneously on the screen
  • cooperative sparring and training modes
The video below also gives us our first official glimpse at the “dark” versions of the characters which will be included in the game, which is referred to as Pandora mode. This option allows you to sacrifice your partner in order to give your main character a major power boost. They look really sharp and have a neon pink glow to them... which looks really cool. This game is looking really promising and I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it launches in early 2012.

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