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SF X Tekken continues to add and tease characters

by: Jeremy -
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Another week has passed and with it comes another batch of playable characters for Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken. Six new characters have been added to the roster, 3 on the Capcom side and 3 on the Namco side.

Capcom officially brings to the table Balrog, Vega, and Juri, while Namco totes Paul, Law, and Xiaoyu. At this point, I am not surprised to see anyone from the Street Fighter 4 cast join the fray; I want to see the characters we haven’t seen in a while. Where is my Elena? The Namco characters are a sight to see as they all continue to make their 2D debuts.

You can check out a wide variety of screenshots and the reveal trailer for the new guys (and gals) below. Pay close attention to the very end of the trailer as there appears to be the hint of Mega Man and Pac-Man heading to the PlayStation Vita version of the game.