SEGA Bass Fishing coming soon to the Wii

by: Randy -
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While a game like Endless Ocean gave the gaming community a moment to ponder exactly what constitutes a "video game," I've never seen a classic title like SEGA Bass Fishing (2001) make people ponder such depths.  Probably because the arcade fishing franchise, adapted to the Wii on February 26th, comes equipped with a tacklebox full of recognizable video game features:  Arcade, Tournament, Practice, and Nature Trip modes; 15 lake environments (seven new, four arcade, and four Dreamcast stages); four types of bass to hook; improved graphics over the arcade version; freedom to select time-of-day and season (as well as the fishes' appetite and depth); and over 20 types of lures.  I'd be hard-pressed to come up with anything else I'd want in a fishing game.  Except for the ability to go SEGA Bass Fishing on the couch next to you (the game is only single-player).
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