SAMCRO could be coming to a console near you

by: Nathaniel -
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SAMCRO, of course, stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Charter.  They are a fictional outlaw biker gang that operates out of the fictional town of Charming, CA from Kurt Sutter's popular FX series Sons of Anarchy.

According to, Kurt Sutter himself has said that after a meeting with a "large distributor" that he, FX, and Fox were committed to a full-blown console videogame that goes far beyond the Brower-based "slapcrap" multiplayer game that had previously been discussed.

There are literally no other details right now or hints at what kind of game a Sons of Anarchy adaptation would take the form of.  Given the setting and general way the show plays out, I think it definitely lends itself to an open world game - sort of a rural GTA.  In fact, GTA has already shown us how much fun a biker-based version of itself can be with 2009's The Lost and Damned GTA IV expansion that was arguably better than the main game.

Unfortunate, as far as release dates go, I'd say we'd be lucky to see any proper Sons of Anarchy game before 2014 at the earliest.  On the plus side (sort of) Kurt Sutter is kind of insane, seems to rule the production of Sons of Anarchy (the TV series) with an iron first and is not afraid to start public feuds with anyone he disagrees with.  He certainly will not let himself be pushed around by meddling suits.  Of course, you could argue that makes it less likely the game will ever see the light of day. 


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