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Here's a teaser for the final installment in the Runaway series, Runaway - A Twist of Fate. There's not any game footage in the clip but it does show off some of the excellent animation the game has for it's cinematics.  I haven't played any of the previous games but it does seem that like Nutella the game is much bigger in Europe than it  here in the US.  The game will be available in the fourth quarter of 2009.
Runaway: A Twist of Fate will be the last adventure of the famous fearless couple: Brian Basco and Gina Timmings. These two characters have already enchanted more than one million players in Europe with their first adventures, which had placed the adventure game genre under the spotlight once again!

Brian and Gina are back in a new adventure, a bit darker than the previous one but still loaded with an omnipresent humor and based on a production worth a big 2D animation film. For the first time in Runaway history, you will take the control of Brian but also of his girlfriend, Gina! Following the story line of the previous episode, A Twist of Fate is also an independent new adventure that players who have never played Runaway before will fully enjoy.

Runaway: A Twist of Fate has visually improved thanks to a new graphic engine. The game now has high resolution backgrounds, more detailed and expressive characters, and more realistic animations... The interface has also been improved and offers an inventory allowing you to check each item from every angle possible. You will also find an ingenious hint system that will guide you throughout difficult situations without giving away the solution to the puzzles.

Of course, both the particular visual style and the omnipresent humour that appealed to the players have been retained in order to make A Twist of Fate a rich episode, full of novelties and unexpected turns yet still faithful to the Runaway spirit.

Runaway - A Twist of Fate is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2009 on PC and Nintendo DS™.
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