Rumor: Bizarre working on a 007 game?

by: Chuck -
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While we're talking rumors there's this rumor from EGM about Bizarre Creations working on a 007 game car game.  I'm not sure there's a lot of credibility to it (which means it's probably true) but with Activision buying the company earlier this year and owning the 007 franchise it's certainly plausible.  I'm not sure what kind of game this would be as while blowing up stuff with car gadgets is a lot o fun I'm not sure it's something you'd want to do for an entire game.  It's also important to note that the new Bond games are moving away from the gadgets so I'm not sure there's much of a tie-in unless they go old school (pre-Craig).

I've heard some rumors that Infinity Ward is working on a tie in with the next Bond movie (due out next year) so maybe Bizarre is working on a part of that game.  I'm sure we'll find out in a few months when the PR machines start ramping up for the game and movie.
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