Rumor: Portal 2 to be released early?

by: Nathaniel -
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Over at XtremeGaming 24/7, I came across some interesting info.

It seems that on April 7th, 14 sites (, PC Gamer,,,,,, beefjack,,,,,, and received one of nine different images.  When put to a 3x3 grid, the end result is the image you can see below.

It looks like the personality cores you have to remove from Glados during the final battle of Portal 1, doesn't it?  

Furthermore, according to, when the numbers behind the pic are sorted out and translated (via you get what looks sorta like verses from a song, but the important bit is the end that says, "hidden message is '4/19/2011_7am=4/15/2011_9am.'"

This has naturally led some to speculate that Portal 2's release date may be moved up from the 19th to the 15th.  

I'm not buying it since it's already the 13th, but who knows?  Please go XtremeGaming 24/7 to see the whole story.

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