Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to get co-op

by: Nathaniel -
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According to Eurogamer, when Mass Effect 3 comes out, we may be able to kill geth, Cerberus operatives, and husks with ourbuddies over the internet rather than forever alone like we have in the past.  The rumor is that Mass Effect 3 will get online four-player co-op, functionally similar to what is usually referred to as "horde mode," that will be independent of the main story and feature some "competitive elements."

BioWare has naturally offered no comment on the matter either way, but if you ask me, this is for real.  If it is, it's a smart move on BioWare's part.  Gamers love multiplayer, and game journalists love multiplayer.  Adding multiplayer to Mass Effect 3 that doesn't affect the single player campaign should add hype and new fans to the series, and that means more sales.  More sales equal more money for BioWare to spend on a proper Kotor 3 or Jade Empire 2, or something else equally great.
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