Rule Change 19 brings bugs fixes to Super Monday Night Combat's Super Blitz mode

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Its bug fixing week in Super Monday Night Combat land and this week sees fixes to Blitz mode along with adding the rest of the Blitz uniforms to the game. 

One of the biggest bug fixes this week is the change to super blitz which will tone down the difficulty once players reach round 60. As of now (Before the update) Players will usually find the game ending rather abruptly as bots will ridiculously spam the map usually resulting in an impossible situation for players. Now it appears that the number of bots has been toned down to make the game easier and so players can reach higher levels. 

The free pro rotation this week is Cheston, Karl, Combat Girl, Leo, Megabeth, Veteran

As always check out the full list of fixes below, check out Uber's forums and be sure to also check out their kickstarter page for their brand new RTS game "Planetary Annihilation." 

Free Pro Rotation: Cheston, Karl, Combat Girl, Leo, Megabeth, Veteran

GG Stack: You want it hard? Lets get Rule Changes: 19

Bug fixing week. We've tacked a bunch of bugs, added the last of the Blitz uniforms, and improved the end-game of Blitz. Enjoy!

Also, check out Uber's new Kickstarter project: Planetary Annihilation! Don't worry, it won't interfere with Super MNC updating.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

Bug Fixes
Fixed some instances of being able to hear the other team through voice chat.
Fixed some instances of replays not showing up in MNC TV.
Fixed Pros being able to keep their own Moneyball down.
Fixed Bot Buster and Blitz Buster not stacking properly.
Fixed lunge damage always showing up as Assault Charge.
Fixed some instances of losing all speed bonuses after a lunge or charge.
Fixed landing page headlines so that you can no longer click on them when you are not on the landing page.
Fixed size of options screen scroll bar.
Fixed "Undefined" sometimes showing up in the Blitz Prize UI.

Blitz 16

Super Blitz
Fixed multiple Jackbots being spawned when only one was intended. This should make post-round 60 slightly easier.
Slightly decreased the amount of bots spawned post-round 60.

New Uniform: Blitz Artemis

Blitz Mortar I: Fixed incorrect ammo count.

New Uniform: Blitz Gunslinger

New Uniform: Blitz Leo

New Uniform: Blitz Megabeth

Firebase: Fixed the upgrade level 4 Health Recovery Aura from slowing down health recovery in Turbocross. It will now properly increase health recovery.

New Uniform: Blitz Veteran
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