Rule Change 15 for Super Monday Night Combat is here

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Rule Change 15 for Super Monday Night Combat is here and brings lots of cool swag for pros. Its summer time so Uber is rolling out "summer grilling" taunts for all pros.

The biggest change this week is a huge fix to Turbocross. The games are now join-in-progress which allows you to drop out of a game and allows another player to join on the fly. Matches are also continuous now. After a match ends, another one will start in 45 seconds so you wont have to search for a brand new game to join. 

Also added is the feature to use PayPal to buy items in game for players who aren't using Steam. 

Also added is a new "Recon" costume for Artemis 

The free pro rotation this week is Assassin, Assault, Combat Girl, Gunner, Megabeth, Veteran

Check out all the added content in the official patch notes below. 

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Assault, Combat Girl, Gunner, Megabeth, Veteran

GG: What are keys to victory tonight for both teams? Chip: Reading Rule Changes: 15.

Major Turbocross updates this week. All Turbocross matches will be join-in-progress. If there is no match available you will start a new one. Turbocross matches now roll over. When a match ends you will have 45 seconds to chat with the other players before a new random map is selected and a new match automatically starts. You can leave at any time and join another game.

Summer is still upon us! This week we are releasing a series of "Summer Grilling" taunts, complete with a great deal for the taunt bundle. Enjoy the summer, have bacon!

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

New Rules
Turbocross matches now rollover to another match after one ends.
Using "Pick Up Team" to get into a Turbocross match will now immediately put you in a match or start a new one.
Joining a Turbocross match in progress now grants you the money of the lowest earner in the game.
Added PayPal to payment providers for non-Steam users.
New Treasure Ball - Eos Treasure Ball - Contains Enforcer items along with normal rare and Treasure Ball only items.

New Bundle: Summer Grilling

New Flair: Cantor's Pocketwatch

New Flair: Vertigo Pocketwatch - Treasure Ball Only

New Flair: Gold Pocketwatch

New Flair: Knight Visor

New Flair: Battle Visor - Treasure Ball Only

New Flair: Sympathetic Heart - Treasure Ball Only

New Taunt: Summer Grilling
New Uniform: Recon

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

Captain Spark
New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

Combat Girl
New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Taunt: Summer Grilling

New Weapon: Flying Dinos

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