Rounding up the new Xbox 360 rumors

by: Chuck -
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I know we've a few of these before but consider this post a round up of all the stuff that's floating around right now.  Engadget has the most data on the new Xbox 360, dubbed the "Elite" edition.  The new 360 will be black and ship with a 120GB hard drive and a HDMI port.  Nothing really new here except the name.  The "L33T" edition will ship in limited numbers and a white version will eventually replace the premium edition.

There's also this rumor over at X3F that Microsoft is going to be releasing a data transfer cable that will allow existing owners to transfer over their data to the new 360.  It looks like the cable comes could come with the rumored 120GB hard drive.
We talked to Microsoft who gave us the usual "Microsoft doesn't comment on rumors or speculations" speech.  Hopefully we'll get more information on these rumors next month just so we can all move on with our lives.
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