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Well Rome wasn't built in a day and the game obviously wasn't either as Activision has announced a new patch which takes the game to version 1.2. The patch can be downloaded from and features a host of improvements and bug fixes.

The Creative Assembly has released a new patch for Rome: Total War which can be downloaded from

Rome: Total War Patch v1.2 contains many improvements as well as fixes for Single player and Multiplayer issues. For a full list of changes please view the Patch v1.2 readme.

We recommend downloading the Patch v1.2 Walkthrough which is also posted on

This walkthrough will help you understand how to use several new developer tools:

Create your own historic battles using the Rome: Total War engine
Scripting your own battles
Creating videos similar to those used on The History Channel show "Decisive Battles."
You must download the patch to play online. You cannot continue to play online with unpatched versions of the game.
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